Answering the Call

During the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver, Saint Pope John Paul II called Catholics to a New Evangelization, to renew our commitment to Christ, so that we might live our faith fearlessly and proclaim it to all people. He chose Denver, Colorado to instill confidence among Catholics worldwide that modern society, with all its sophistication and technical know-how, still hungers for Christ!

In 2005, as a response to this call, Catholic scholars established in Denver a graduate school dedicated to transforming Catholic education for the New Evangelization. Since then, the Augustine Institute has become the fastest growing Catholic graduate school in the United States, training our students to proclaim the Gospel with “new ardor, method and expression,” as Saint Pope John Paul II insisted. What began as a graduate school has quickly expanded into a multi-faceted Institute providing strategic disciple-based parish programming and leadership formation to dioceses and parishes across America.

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