Transforming lives with the power of the Truth.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
Matthew 18:20

Well-formed disciples make the Catholic faith compelling and relevant. That’s why supporting Parishes and parish leaders is central to the mission of the Augustine Institute.

To do that, we create programs that help your parishioners understand, live, and share their faith. From our Lectio bible study series, to Sacramental Preparation and Faith Formation materials we have the content to guide you parishioners and staff on their faith journey. We work with over 60 Catholic apostolates and ministries to provide content through the FORMED platform and our next generation kiosk, placing the full spectrum of Catholic content (both digital and physical) at your fingertips.

With over 4,000 Catholic videos, Ebooks, talks, and study programs, FORMED is the premier digital evangelization platform for your parish.


Bible Studies

Discover the relevant truth of Scripture and the tradition of the Catholic Church with Lectio, a video-based study featuring trusted presenters, like Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Brant Pitre.

Lectio: Salvation

At every Sunday Mass, Catholics confess that Jesus came down from heaven “for us men and for our salvation.” But what does “salvation” mean?

Lectio: Mary

Why is Mary so important to Catholics, and why have so many people been devoted to her over the centuries? What can we learn about her from Sacred Scripture?

Lectio: Mark

Is the Gospel of Mark only a “condensed” version of the life of Christ? What does it have to offer us that the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John do not?

Lectio: Peter

The character of St. Peter is both inspiring and confounding to many of us. How could a stubborn and impulsive fisherman become the "rock" upon which Jesus would build his Church?

Lectio: Prayer

Though prayer is one of the essentials of a thriving faith, we often feel as if we’re talking to ourselves—or, worse, as if we’re talking to no one at all. How can something so vital to the Faith be so elusive?

Lectio: Eucharist

"The Lamb of God," "The Bread of Life," "The Body and the Blood of Christ"... these are phrases we know from the Mass. But do we understand what they mean in the greater and deeper context of Scripture and Church teaching?

Lectio: Philippians

Towards the end of his life, under arrest and awaiting trial in Rome, Saint Paul writes a short but powerful letter to the Philippians. With his words and the example of his life, Paul exhorts the Philippians to have the mind of Christ, to live a life worthy of the Gospel, and, by God’s grace, to gain Christ.

Lectio: Evangelization

Who better to look to for guidance on evangelization than the Apostles and disciples of the early Church?


Sacramental Preparation

It is the power of the Truth that transforms lives. Our sacramental preparation programs advance the way in which we share the Gospel with others.


What if Marriage is more than a simple contract between two people, based on romance, mutual fulfillment and basic attraction?


A traditional rite, an important symbol, an excuse for a family photo op around a newborn… Baptism means a lot of different things to those who experience it. What if there is a lot more happening in Baptism than most people realize?


Explore the grace and healing offered in Confession and shows how this sacrament of mercy reveals the depth and bounty of God’s love.


Learn about the truth and beauty of Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life of the Church and her members.


Faith Formation

These programs help parishioners go deeper in the understanding of the faith.

Divine Mercy

Renowned speaker and author Fr. Michael Gaitley tells the dramatic history of God’s love and mercy as interwoven through the transformative message of St. Faustina, the miraculous appearance of Mary at Fatima, the witness of Maximilian Kolbe, and the world-changing papacy of Pope St. John Paul II.


Too often we try to live a faith we don't know or understand. Some of us stumble along with it, going through the motions. Others simply walk away.

Who Am I To Judge?

What is “right” and “wrong”? Is what’s right for you right for me? Is there a right and wrong for everyone, all the time? These are difficult questions to discuss in our culture.

True Reformers

The saints of the Catholic Reformation show us just how powerful—and beautiful—is the human heart’s free response to God’s generous grace.


Next Generation Kiosk

Our kiosk program offers a wide variety of life-changing Catholic materials to parishes worldwide. Make catechesis and evangelization easily accessible right in your parish.


Emissary Program

Emissaries are the volunteers who fuel the New Evangelization at parishes around the world.

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